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If you are looking for used cars or vans in the Sunderland area then you have come to the right place! This site has been specifically created to enable people living in the Sunderland area to find used cars simply and quickly. We take all of the leg work out of the process by listing the used stock held in local dealers all in the same place, eliminating the need for you to visit several different websites or dealership locations. As well as listing all of the used cars in Sunderland, we can also assist purchasers with the following:

  • Financing your used car
  • Part exchange

We work closely with all of the major car dealers who list their stock on our site, so you will be able to compare and contrast what is available at the various used car dealers across the Sunderland area simply by visiting our website. Use the boxes below to start your search for your ideal used car or van now.

Use the boxes above to search through the Used Cars Sunderland website and see the vast range of used cars and vans we advertise on our site. Use the drop down boxes to refine your search, or simply select a couple of criteria to browse through the great offers we have. You do not have to choose an option in each box, but the more you choose, the more you will narrow your search. Click on any of the vehicles found to see full details about the vehicle and a contact form to complete if you’d like us to give you a call or send you an email with prices and details of any promotional deals which might be running.

All of the cars and vans advertised on the site are from trusted, local main dealers or established local garages who have been selling used cars to the people of Sunderland for many years. Much of the stock has low mileage or nearly new, and is still under manufacturer’s warranty. As well as the vehicles, we offer a full after sales service which includes recommending where in the Sunderland area you can have your newly purchased used car serviced or inspected for its MOT.


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